Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Workout Plan With Substance

I put together the following daily exercise calendar for myself. Its made up of a variety of exercises (some that I love, some that I haven't tried before) of varying types, intensities and settings. I hope this keeps things fun and interesting for me. I'm going to print it out and make a big 'X' on each day as I go, starting today.

I used the following sources as inspiration for my calendar:
Fab Ab February
DIY Detox
Free Weights Exercises
"Harry Potter Workout" via Pinterest
"Sun Salutation B" via Pinterest
"Level 2 Exercise Plan"
Quick Lower Body Workouts
Soon2BeFit Workouts
POP Pilates Videos
"Inception Workout"
SELF "Reach Your Goal"
"Level 3 Exercise Plan"

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