Monday, February 13, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition

I am loving this extensive nutrition guide from It contains a ton of information and suggestions that I will definitely try to put to use. By the way, I've only been keeping up with my workout plan less than half the time but I've still managed to loose an inch around my belly button and a half inch around my pouch. I know the exercise has made a difference but I've also been eating better and trying not to binge.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Workout Plan With Substance

I put together the following daily exercise calendar for myself. Its made up of a variety of exercises (some that I love, some that I haven't tried before) of varying types, intensities and settings. I hope this keeps things fun and interesting for me. I'm going to print it out and make a big 'X' on each day as I go, starting today.

I used the following sources as inspiration for my calendar:
Fab Ab February
DIY Detox
Free Weights Exercises
"Harry Potter Workout" via Pinterest
"Sun Salutation B" via Pinterest
"Level 2 Exercise Plan"
Quick Lower Body Workouts
Soon2BeFit Workouts
POP Pilates Videos
"Inception Workout"
SELF "Reach Your Goal"
"Level 3 Exercise Plan"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Right now I'm loving Journelle lingerie (found via Lingerie Addict). Obviously, some items are way out of my price-range but I still feel the need to share because each item is truly a beautiful and unique piece of art; and I love their personal and detailed product descriptions. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Jenna Leigh Belize Longline Push Up Bra, $102
Product description: "It's lingerie like this that makes us feel like not only are we "ready for our closeup", but that we're "ready to take over the company", "ready for our dissertation", or "ready for that meeting with the queen". In other words, this elegant long-line bra is certainly as pretty as a picture, but with lush navy silk and contrasting sheer panels of corsetry, it has a little backbone. Perfect for a woman of substance."

La Perla Mezzanotte Balconette Bra, $310
Product description: "Mezzanotte is Italian for "midnight", and rightly so- this scorching demi-bra from La Perla is almost too hot for the light of day. Silk band, boning in the channels of the cups and anchoring the band, chantilly lace and tulle panels in the cups, a cut-out spacer in the center and... the piece de midnight resistance: convertible straps- halter, one shoulder, cross back, or the sexiest strapless we've seen. After midnight, indeed."

Myla Grace Feather Bra, $250
Product description: "Playfully boudoir, this decadent feather cup bra is crafted from black silk satin and lavish feathers which frame the bust just-so (a little peek-a-boo in the cup is equivalent to a burlesque dancer's fan). Provocative in our favorite way, this bra is as fun to wear is at is sexy. Luxurious pure silk satin, a teensy peach bow, and luscious real feathers make for quite a statement, and just a little bit of pure tease."

Beautiful Bottoms Taupe Short Thong, $26
Product description: "Put your hands on the wheel and let the golden age begin. This divine gilded airy (very cheeky) tap pant from Beautiful Bottoms feels like freedom, easy and pure, no constraints, and no construction. A simple, natural silhouette for a simple, natural sensibility. Let the window down, feel the moonlight on your skin."

Zinke Tulsa Bralet,  
Product description: "There are so many things to love about this bralet from Zinke. You could fall for the slick soft silk, for the subtle shaping put in place by the few subtle seams, or the sweet long-line shape. We think our favorite thing , though, is the hidden-band-softbra (the silk isn't attached to the band-it just floats over the skin- so nothing digs, but you get the support of a traditional band). Whatever you love, it's worth it."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

55 Days to Get Fit

My friend, Anation, is totally putting me to shame. She told the other night that she's been cycling twice a week, has a protein shake for breakfast, and for dinner has a meat with vegetables. Easy right?.....not so much for me. I've never been on a diet in my life and I can't seem to get off the couch most of the time. 

So, Anation gave me a goal: get toned and fit by her wedding day on March 18 -- 55 days! But my success needs to be measurable. It is incredibly embarrassing to admit but I'm 5'2" and my 6'1" husband has the same belly width at his belly button as me -- 33.5". And that little pouch just bellow my belly button is 35" around. Horrible! By March 18 I want my pouch to be at most 33", if not less!

To keep myself motivated I'm going to start logging daily what I eat, my exercise, and my belly in inches. If I reach my goal, I'll reward myself with a mani-pedi before the wedding. :) And I'm still working toward those 10 pull-ups in exchange for a massage (mentioned in prior post).

For now, here are some images of a few rare healthy things hubby and I have been eating.

Breakfast <3

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini "Extreme Couponing" with

I'm so proud of myself. Look at how good I did "extreme couponing" yesterday:

Oral-B Floss
WetOnes Wipes
(2) Barilla Shells Pasta
Medicated Blistex Ointment
Pack of UP2U Gum
(2) Travel Size Old Spice Body Wash
Pack of Zantac
Pack of Dulcolax
Colgate Tooth Paste
All for $5.63 including tax!

I didn't do as great as the people on TV do, but I still think yesterday was a success. How did I do it? Only with which helped me put together the following shopping and coupon list.

I could have gotten that AuquaFresh toothpast for FREE but somebody had already gotten to Walmart before me and cleared the store out! Now I've learned my lesson that I need to get to the stores earlier in the week, when the deals first come out. I also decided not to get the Carefree Liners because I found a deal here to get them FREE at Publix.

Thank you, SouthernSavers; you are now my favorite website!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeds Sown With Tears

"Those sowing seed with tears
     Will reap even with a joyful cry."
-Psalms 126:5

Photo Source via Pinterest

OK, I admit it, I haven't been working out. In fact, I think I've actually GAINED weight. (This time I will NOT be posting a picture). My reward jar only has $4 in it and I'm ashamed. :( But I want to be happy, skinny, and fit (and I still want that massage reward) so I am still determined to get in shape, no matter how much I hate getting there! Now off to do some Pilates...

Source via Ripped and Fit

Photo Source

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greek Cooking -- Spanakopita

Hubby's very Greek Aunt Nicki gave us this Greek cookbook as an engagement gift over a year and a half ago. It wasn't until recently that I realized that I'd never even tried one recipe from it in all that time! So I thought I'd give spanakopita a go. It was fun but extremely time consuming. And working with philo dough was surprisingly difficult, especially since the recipe instructed me to brush every individual layer with oil and butter! But I quickly got the hang of it and now I feel like a pro. :) 

My one big complaint with this book was it's lack of precise measurements. For example, how much is "one tub" of ricotta cheese when Publix sells tubs in two sizes? But I guess that's what I trade for having a very authentic recipe book. That aside, I really enjoyed looking at all the old black-and-white photos of Greece that the authors included in the book.