Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greek Cooking -- Spanakopita

Hubby's very Greek Aunt Nicki gave us this Greek cookbook as an engagement gift over a year and a half ago. It wasn't until recently that I realized that I'd never even tried one recipe from it in all that time! So I thought I'd give spanakopita a go. It was fun but extremely time consuming. And working with philo dough was surprisingly difficult, especially since the recipe instructed me to brush every individual layer with oil and butter! But I quickly got the hang of it and now I feel like a pro. :) 

My one big complaint with this book was it's lack of precise measurements. For example, how much is "one tub" of ricotta cheese when Publix sells tubs in two sizes? But I guess that's what I trade for having a very authentic recipe book. That aside, I really enjoyed looking at all the old black-and-white photos of Greece that the authors included in the book.

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