Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Budget-Friendly Beach-Themed Bedroom

Our new mattress just came in this morning (good-bye, couch and air mattress!) so our new bedroom is finally starting to come together.

The comforter set we got on store credit at Bed Bath and Beyond and the vanity came on sale and 25% off from World Market. We painted the chest and dresser ourselves which saved us a ton of cash!

 We're waiting on this Seagrass Headboard to come in from Pier One.
Hubby found and ordered this mirror and these side tables on Amazon for cheap. I think he did a good job! I can't wait until everything comes in!

My next project is to figure out a solution to store all this makeup in an organized fashion. Any suggestions? The drawers are only two inches tall and I have all my jewelry to think about as well.

Eventually, I'll want to get a nicer chair to go with the vanity; perhaps something made of seagrass to match the headboard? This Pennington Seagrass Side Chair by Howard Miller is cute but way too expensive for me!


  1. It's very encouraging to buy stuff on sale. Even if you don't need it, you tend to buy. Though things like mattresses and comforters on sale are something to take advantage of by shoppers, who do renovation and house makeover, I must admit. It's great that you have found what you are looking for on sale. It could save you a lot of money if you intend to buy many items. The room looks great, by the way!

    The Mattress Department

  2. Great find! On-sale items, such as mattresses, are something to take advantage of because a good quality mattress usually cost a lot. Glad that you were able to find the right bed that will fit into your room. This is definitely ten times better than the couch and air mattress, right? Have a great day!

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store