Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini "Extreme Couponing" with

I'm so proud of myself. Look at how good I did "extreme couponing" yesterday:

Oral-B Floss
WetOnes Wipes
(2) Barilla Shells Pasta
Medicated Blistex Ointment
Pack of UP2U Gum
(2) Travel Size Old Spice Body Wash
Pack of Zantac
Pack of Dulcolax
Colgate Tooth Paste
All for $5.63 including tax!

I didn't do as great as the people on TV do, but I still think yesterday was a success. How did I do it? Only with which helped me put together the following shopping and coupon list.

I could have gotten that AuquaFresh toothpast for FREE but somebody had already gotten to Walmart before me and cleared the store out! Now I've learned my lesson that I need to get to the stores earlier in the week, when the deals first come out. I also decided not to get the Carefree Liners because I found a deal here to get them FREE at Publix.

Thank you, SouthernSavers; you are now my favorite website!

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